Some of Dublin's individuals united themselves to start the process of erecting the shrines which are shown with this project. This was led by their dedication to these figures. The shrines remain in place decades after their placement, whereas their environment undergoes a continuous change. Likewise, the public visibility of the related religion has changed over time.

I have discovered more than thirty such shrines since I moved to Dublin in 2018. This observation of the city did not result in an opinion on the presence of the shrines, but it did enable me to form an opinion on the built environment.

To stimulate dialogue I've made a poster which shows a small selection of shrines together with the areas which some of them oversee. There's also a visualisation included of the events which might happen before, during and after the erection of a statue in Dublin.
I'm in the process of placing the posters at the documented shrines. Pick up a free copy at The Library Project, Pallas Projects or The Fumbally Cafe. Get a copy mailed through my shop.

Do you know of a shrine which meets the above criteria, are you looking forward to when I publish a larger collection, or do you want to share this project in your business or institution? Get in touch!

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